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1978 Wright Blvd,
Buffalo Grove,
IL 60089 USA

A Hand for Those in Need

Let's bring faith and hope to those eyes that are seeking love and happiness. Let’s contribute to make their life better with Savithri Foundation.

Brightens Someone's Life

Helping others who are in absolute need is a way to meditate. Find peace and happiness in other's smile.

Making the world a better place

Want to make a difference in the world by helping underprivileged children, youth, and women to live a better life.
About Us

Meeting Needs. Fostering Progress.

We uplift communities and empower individuals by providing necessities and funding education.  

Savithri Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides precious resources to the people and children who need them the most, giving them a chance to improve their own lives and communities. 

We design, plan, and execute campaigns and programs to support those experiencing homelessness, hunger relief, orphanages, and educational institutions. With help from our volunteers and donors, we fight against poverty, hunger, and illiteracy. We envision a world where everyone is allowed to live a life full of possibilities rather than pain and struggles – something we all equally deserve. 

Be Part of the Change

Help give others a better life to enrich your own. Join our team of volunteers dedicated to providing what others cannot and see firsthand how impactful our efforts can be for communities in the USA and India. 

Who do we help

Our Causes

Our causes and efforts cover three major social issues – education, food security, and vulnerable youth. 

Supporting Youth Education

Helping underprivileged children and youth to obtain education and build up self-dependency.

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Abating Hunger and Poverty

Fighting for the causes of hunger and poverty by helping those who cannot cover their basic needs.

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Support Orphanages

Sharing love and care to the orphans and disabled in need, supporting them to uplift their life.

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What we do

Everything we do is to ...

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Support Education

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Support Hunger Relief

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Support a Society of Equality and Opportunity

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We Care about people


Upcoming Events

Participate in our upcoming programs and events to ignite change and be surrounded by others looking to create a better future.