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Supporting Youth Education

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What We Do

Help Causes

“Higher education should not be a luxury reserved for the privileged.” It’s our humble duty to make it accessible to everyone who deserves it. Follow your dream with Savithri Foundation. We are helping those who are willing to pursue their higher studies but unable to do so because of the financial crisis.

Youths are the cornerstone of sustainable development and leaders of tomorrow. Though it is noted that most of them are living, studying, and working under precarious conditions. Many youths end up with minimum wage jobs after high school in the absence of enough financial support for higher education. We aspire to work towards raising higher education opportunities for youth and helping them to pursue their higher education. Our merit-based scholarship programs empower youths and cater functional and effective education to them.    

Savithri Foundation has a desire to build a world of hope and opportunities for youths. We work through contribution; you can contribute to our mission to bring hope and smile to the life of these youths by helping them fulfill their dreams.      

Enrollment and Awareness  

We identify talented youths through scholarship programs and help them to hold an opportunity to pursue higher education. We generate awareness about our merit-based scholarship programs and encourage more students to participate to gain access to higher education based on their own merit.   

Quality Higher Education  

Savithri Foundation is contributing a major role in making higher education accessible to everyone and towards strengthening the current education system. We aspire to deal with the blocks on the road to achieving the goal of universal youth higher education.    

Universal Access to Education

We ensure that youths can follow their dreams and achieve them even when they have limited resources. Empowering youths with higher education will build a strong community, better future leaders, and a better society. Higher education helps youths acquire self-reliance, self-actualization and makes them independent thinkers contributing to community development. Savithri Foundation is helping those who are willing to help themselves. 

Supporting Youth Education

Helping underprivileged children and youth to obtain education and build up self-dependency.

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Abating Hunger and Poverty

Fighting for the causes of hunger and poverty by helping those who cannot cover their basic needs.

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Support Orphanages

Sharing love and care to the orphans and disabled in need, supporting them to uplift their life.

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