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Abating Hunger and Poverty

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Savithri Foundation wants a world with no hunger and poverty. We put our heart and soul to help children of orphanages who have no one to provide food. Our initiatives are created to help these people by uplifting their living status and thus the economy of society.    

Hunger and poverty in the long term affect human and economic development. Extreme poverty leads to hunger and malnutrition that may cause permanent physical and cognitive damage. The only way to put an end to these societal enemies is to build a strong economy where everyone gets help. Many children out there have no family and need help to grow and nurture. Many orphanages are built to support these children, provide proper care and food. These orphanages too need support to carry out their good deeds. Being fellow members of humanity, we understand our duty towards society and thus support orphanages to help play their part 

Savithri Foundation encourages people who are willing to contribute towards good changes in society. We work with passionate people who are seeking to participate in our initiatives to bring happiness to the lives of poor and underprivileged people.    

For Orphans Through Orphanages

The aim is to promote the development of society by putting an end to hunger. Our workshops, campaigns, and initiatives are dedicated to finding orphanages to support and helping them in their good deeds towards reducing poverty and hunger.  

An End to Hunger 

Extreme hunger and poverty cause irreversible damage to individuals as well as society. Hunger and malnutrition are a result of poverty, unemployment, and inequality. It becomes extremely dangerous for children. Savithri Foundation is fighting these causes with a multi-sectoral approach that includes education, orphanage support, and more to add.    

Any individual, company, or organization can be a supporter of our initiatives. We pledged to advocate and work towards bringing a good change in society. If you are willing to participate in societal change, let’s come together for a common cause.  

What We Do

Help Causes

Supporting Youth Education

Helping underprivileged children and youth to obtain education and build up self-dependency.

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Abating Hunger and Poverty

Fighting for the causes of hunger and poverty by helping those who cannot cover their basic needs.

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Support Orphanages

Sharing love and care to the orphans and disabled in need, supporting them to uplift their life.

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